Leadership Skills

leaders1What does it take to become a Leader?

• Ability to listen • Ability to express ideas clearly in writing

• Ability to understand and interpret ideas clearly – received in both verbally and in writing

• Good teamwork skills •

Has a good interpersonal style to steer team members

• Selects the best course of action by identifying all the alternatives and then makes a logical assumption.

• Efficient use of resources • Having influence to motivate team members to achieve beyond goals

• Innovative and Creative Problem Solving skills

• Identifies and collects information relevant to the problem.

• Uses brainstorming techniques to create a variety of choices. Core personal skills and qualities of a leader

• Good communication skills

• Ability to expresses oneself effectively Ability to communicate in a way that encourages involvement.

Key Interpersonal Skills

• Treats others with respect

• Is considerate of the needs of others Values and encourages contributions of others Ability to Manage Client Relationships

• Develops good relationships with both internal and external customers.


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