The Big Five Personality Traits

1. Conscientiousness. You’re organized and disciplined, dedicated and loyal – especially at work. Excellent performances and strong commitments are standard. Of all the Big Five Personality Traits, this one will take you far in your career.
2. Agreeableness. You’re friendly, pleasant and easy to be around; your relationships are mostly strong. You’re a social creature, and get your energy from being around other people. This Big Five Personality Trait opens many doors!
3. Neuroticism. You worry. You’re often anxious and emotionally unstable. You’re more likely to struggle with depression and sadness. This “Big Five Personality Trait” can lead to physical ill health.
4. Openness. You love adventures and trying new things; you’re insightful and imaginative. Creativity adds spice to your life, and you’re not afraid to take risks. People with this Big Five Personality Trait are often risk takers.
5. Extroversion. You’re assertive, talkative, and don’t mind being the centre of attention (in fact, you prefer it!). Being alone isn’t your favorite activity; in fact, the more the merrier. This Big Five Personality Trait is found in extroverts all over the world!
Are your Big Five Personality Traits working for or against you? If your personality traits hold you back, damage your relationships, interfere with your work, or cause pain, then you may be ripe for a to make some personality changes!


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