1. Drive. Leaders exhibit a higher effort level. They have a relatively high desire for achievement, they are ambitious, they have a lot of energy, they are tirelessly persistent in their activities and they show initiative
  2. Desire to lead. Leaders have a strong desire to influence and lead others. They demonstrate the willingness to take responsibility
  3. Honesty and integrity. Leaders build trusting relationship between themselves and followers by being truthful or nondeceitful and by showing high consistency between word and deed.
  4. Self confidence. Followers look to leaders for an absence of self-doubt. Leaders, therefore, need to show self-confidence in order to convince followers of rightness of goals and decisions.
  5. Intelligence. Leaders need to be intelligence enough to gather, synthesize and interpret large amounts of information and to be able to create visions, solve problems and make correct decisions
  6. Job-relevant knowledge. Effective leaders have high degree of knowledge about the company, industry and technical matters. In-depth knowledge allows leaders to make well-informed decisions and to understand the implications of those decisions.

Not all leaders are manager    nor are all managers leaders

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