10 Things you Might Not Know about your Body

10 Things you Might Not Know about your Body:

  • Human Feet contain a quarter of all the bones in the body i.e. about 52
  • Largest muscle in the body is buttock muscle ‘Gluteus Maxims’
  • A Man’s lungs holds about 4 litre of air.
  • Brain uses one fifth of all the energy produced in the body.
  • An average brain has about 150, 000, 000 Neurons (Nerve Cells)
  • We Lose 1-2 litre of water daily just through breathing and about 1.5 litre in Urine
  • During a span of one month from the conception, the fetus inside the womb increases by 50 times in length and 8000 times in weight.
  • There are about 100,000 kms lengthy blood vessels inside our body which is 2.5 times the periphery of the earth.
  • Nerve cells don’t divide or reproduce. Once they destroy, they are destroyed for ever.
  • Surface area of the air sacs of our lungs (from where oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange takes place in the blood) is 40 times greater then the area covered by skin.


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