40 Ways To Relax and Recharge Your Batteries


Do you find yourself constantly at the opposite end of being calm, relaxed and centered? If so you are probably familiar with the feeling of being stressed out, angry, or even out of whack with your whole body. Don’t worry if you do, we all feel like that at times.

Experiencing inner peace is synonymous with being happy about each moment and enjoying everything life throws at you. Unfortunately we are not monks who spend their days meditating for their eternal ohm. Instead, most of us lead busy lives: playing hard and working harder. But sometimes we need to calm down to recharge our batteries and take stock of our directions.

Take 5 minutes to read this, and 5 minutes to work on finding a little peace. Here are some simple suggestions to get you on your way!

  1. Listen to music
  2. Talk a walk on the beach
  3. Watch a river run over pebbles
  4. Play with a pet
  5. Cuddle a baby
  6. Smile at a child
  7. Get lost in the great outdoors
  8. Collect shells at the beach
  9. Invite friends for dinner
  10. Play games
  11. Meditate
  12. Take a power nap
  13. Do yoga
  14. Do any sport that helps you to relax
  15. Read a good book
  16. Go sailing
  17. Go hiking
  18. Listen to your iPod
  19. Watch a funny movie
  20. Watch a kids movie
  21. Sleep
  22. Pray
  23. Gaze into the landscape
  24. Gaze into candlelight
  25. Read by candlelight
  26. Do some scrapbooking
  27. Paint
  28. Find a new hobby
  29. Hibernate with a cup of herbal tea and a good book
  30. Take a relaxing bath
  31. Get a massage
  32. Sing
  33. Dance
  34. Lie down in the grass and gaze up into the sky
  35. Walk barefoot
  36. Reflect on your life
  37. Daydream
  38. Take a long shower
  39. Take a vacation
  40. Go for a weekend getaway
  41. Sit in the garden with a cold plain water

Each of these suggestions can help you to unwind and relax. Maybe you have your very own favorites to share with us. It would be great to hear what helps YOU to relax so please feel free to comment.


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