How Do You Write Methodology?


So – how do you write methodology?  It is a common question amongst a lot of students, and for several good reasons.  For one thing, it is one of the more confusing aspects of the entire dissertation or thesis writing process, especially for those unfamiliar with it.  For another thing, it is also an extremely important and vital aspect for both of those projects.If you have found yourself asking, “How do you write methodology?” then the first thing you need to learn is why the methodology chapter is so important.  In order to do that, you need to understand its purpose as well.  Put simply, it is designed to map out the essential methods you will be using when you research and write either your dissertation or your thesis.

When learning how to write methodology, you first need to understand that it includes four basic parts.  First off, your methodology chapter needs to contain a rather simple review of the issues and problems which you have to consider when you start delving into your particular subject.  To put it another way, you have to determine what questions you want to answer, and you have to anticipate any of the problems you might run into when trying to answer those questions.

The second answer to the question of how do you write methodology is comprised of a definition, a summary, or a general overview explaining your approach.  In other words, how do you intend to conduct your research?  Following that, the methodology chapter of your dissertation needs to contain a very thorough and detailed description of how you intend to collect all the necessary and relevant data.  You also need to include what analytical procedures you intent to utilize in order to draw the proper conclusions.

As you learn how to write methodology, you also need to understand that, in your dissertation or thesis, this chapter is not designed to overwhelm your readers with every single one of the details of your details.  Put another way, you do not have to completely inundate your readers with information.  They should not be able to actually recreate the entire process of your research when they read your methodology chapter.  In that case, you have gone a bit to far.  You really have to walk a fine line; that is, you have to be thorough and concise in your explanations and presentations, yet you should not give away so much information that your readers really do not need to read your dissertation.

How do you write methodology, then?  You do so very, very carefully.  The entire dissertation writing process itself is quite intensive and detailed.  Your methodology chapter is no different.  Indeed, as far as technicalities go, it is set up much like any other piece of academic writing.  That is, it needs to contain an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.  Basically, you need to describe the research methods you intend to use, why you are using these methods, et cetera.


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