Ice Cream Personality Test

ice-cream-ck-222491-l200179052-001A study conducted for Edy’s (Dreyer’s) Grand Ice Cream in California discovered these patterns in personality types and their favourite ice cream flavours:

If you get a thrilla from VANILLA–You are a colourful, impulsive
risk-taker who sets high goals and has high expectations of yourself. You enjoy close family relationships.

If you do DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CHUNK–You are lively, creative, dramatic, charming, enthusiastic, the life of the party. Chocolate fans enjoy being the centre of attention and can become bored with the usual routine.

If you buddy-up to BUTTER PECAN–You are orderly, perfectionistic, careful, detail-oriented, conscientious, ethical, fiscally conservative. You are competitive, aggressive in sports–the “take charge” kind of personality.

If you bask in BANANA CREAM PIE–You are very easygoing, well-adjusted, generous, honest and empathetic.

If you scream for STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM–You are shy, yet emotionally robust, skeptical, detail-oriented, opinionated, introverted and self-critical.

If you choose CHOCOLATE CHIP–You are generous, competitive and accomplished; charming in social situations, ambitious and competent.

There you have it! Take a friend for ice cream and astonish them with your insight.

Check out what’s new in the freezer:

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