How to Find a Dissertation Online

img_02Well, you are searching for a dissertation and want to find a couple of dissertations online. However…How can you find dissertations corresponding to all academic requirements among the piles of projects made by unprofessional writers? In this article, you will find the answer to this question.

Search for dissertations on the Websites with “.EDU” domain

Most academic institutions use this domain. So, information presented on the websites with “.edu” domain is quite reliable. Therefore, dissertations stored on such sites are qualitative and correspond to all academic requirements.

In order to find dissertations on the sites with “.edu” domain, you need to find a dissertation/thesis database of a certain university.

What is the format of online dissertations?

Mostly, dissertations and theses stored in databases are available in PDF format. So, before you download a dissertation PDF, make sure you have necessary software. Other formats are used as well, depending on the database, archive, library, etc. you are going to download a dissertation from.

How to find a dissertation in a database

Usually, dissertations can be found in a database. Sometimes, you can find full information about a dissertation online along with its brief description. Most of the times, you get access only to an abstract of a certain online dissertation.

Some sites also provide forms to report on the errors found in a certain dissertation. So, if you found a dissertation and a couple of mistakes in it, do not be shy to report on it. Your help in identifying mistakes will certainly be appreciated.

Finding an online dissertation is not difficult. It is more difficult to find reliable dissertations online. Take the information presented into consideration, and you are sure to find the best and the most reliable dissertations.

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